Consignment Program

Our Consignment Program is exploding as one of the most popular services we offer! Let us fill you in!


How it works:
1.) Send us a few detailed photos of the item you would like to consign as well as a price point you would like to sell it for. This is best completed via Direct Message on Instagram!

2.) We will review your consignment request and decide if the item would fit well with our customer base and on our website.

3.) Please have a listing price on mind when inquiring! Please mention if you are flexible on pricing as well in case we receive offers from potential buyers!

4.) Once we review the product(s), commitment from both parties to the consignment we will provide our address for the product to be safely shipped to us. Please Ship within that week to avoid any confusion, or lapse in market value!


5.) Once receiving the item, please allow 48 business hours for your item(s) to be listed on our app, website and Whatnot store. Our consignment services further entail:

-Delicately cleaning and presenting the item, anything that may potentially harm the item will not be tampered with!

-Authenticating it (our standard procedure with all products in which we pay leading 3rd party Authenticator Entrupy)

-Listing the bag on our platform of nearly 35,000 real and engaged followers across the largest live selling platforms and social media.

-Advertising and showcasing your product, featuring it on our platforms!

-We covering shipping, taxes, transport and all those pesky payment processing fees to the buyer!!!

-Dealing directly with the buyer and absorbing any headaches and creating a 100% safe way for you to sell your item.

-Let us be responsible for anything that could possibly go wrong!

-Our platform has a sell through rate of at least 93% in a 30 day span. In other words, we have a very high rate of selling your item, very fast, possibly one of the fastest of any luxury resale platform!


The Don’s Luxury Goods has proudly NEVER, not sold an item in their consignment program!

We have sold every one of the thousands of pieces that we have consigned for others like you!

We are excited to get started and we hope you are too! Send us a message and let us get you cash for your bags!

Consignment Service Rate:

25% of the selling price is issued to us!

30% if the item is less than $200

These are the most competitive rates on the Luxury Resale Market, with a faster payout structure than any large company too.


Items sold on 3rd party platforms such as Whatnot are subject to our final payout price!

If you’d like to supplement those payouts, please mention you’d like your items listed 10% higher on there!


Payouts are issued by our wonderful, organized, and well structured accounting department!

The typical payout is made 10-14 business days once your item is sold! Extremely competitive with any other large company or consignor!

If you request a send back of your items you will be subject to a small fees for our services and shipping.

Once they are available, consignees will be messaged via Social Media or E-Mail with their spreadsheets and have the option of being paid out via PayPal, Cash App, Apple Pay, Zelle.




Once you submit your item to us, you are forfeiting the right to sell your item, if you decide to keep your item, return your item, or attempt to sell elsewhere, there will be a $50 fixed fee for our services. 
If your item is found to be fake upon arrival we have the right to charge you $35 fees for our shipping, and paid authentication. However if you’re unsure, please just ask when inquiring and we’re happy to help decipher prior!


Thank you for choosing The Don’s Luxury Goods to be your service for finding your beloved items a new home! By doing so, you’re helping the environment and redeeming all the equity you have established in your goods, and passing that love to the next buyer. We’re excited to get started, and we hope you are too!

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