About Us

The Don's Luxury Goods is a family-driven operation! At the helm, we have Caitlin and Harrison Rossi, a dynamic husband and wife duo, overseeing our luxurious bag collections. Alongside them is Mason, Harrison's brother, the young man behind our thriving sneaker collection. And let's not forget Caitlin's brother, Jeremy (affectionately known as "Bro Don"), plus our other dedicated team members, who might not be relatives by blood, but are family in spirit!

With nearly two decades of unwavering dedication, countless miles traveled, and more than a few sleepless nights, we've crafted the platform you see today.

The most recent chapter of our story began eight years ago when Harrison crossed paths with Caitlin. As fate would have it, Caitlin was an early follower of Harrison's previous sales page, "The Don's Bag". Soon after she purchased a duffle bag, Caitlin and Harrison began their journey toward being the warm and welcoming couple you've all come to admire. Each member of our leadership team, Caitlin, Harrison, and Mason, brings their own unique spark to our incredible customer base.

Today, Caitlin and Harrison call The Woodlands, Texas, home, while remaining deeply connected to their upstate New York origins. Their two adorable pups, Mija and Gia, bring plenty of joy and excitement to their lives daily. Meanwhile, Mason has set up residence in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, with his long-time girlfriend, Alena, and their not-so-small doggie Leo. Together, we all share a profound passion for fitness, fashion, automobiles, delectable cuisine, and, above all, our beloved family.

It is with immense pleasure that we deliver authenticity, personalized shopping experiences, and a commitment to sustainability in everything we do!